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PositionINDEX-PRODUCTS-Veterinary Ultrasound

  • Digital Portble Ultrasound Scanner for VET TY-6858A-1


Main Probe :3.5MHz Electronical Convex Scanning

                    (R=60)(2.0M---5.0M F.C.)
Optional Probe:

7.5MHz Electronical Rectal Scanning (5.5M---10.0M F.C)
7.5MHz High Frequency Linear Scanning( 5.5M-10M F.C)
Distinguish Rate (mm):Oriental  3(Depth80mm)       
                                                     4(80mm< Depth 130mm)
                                     Portrait   2( Depth 80mm)         
                                                     3(80mm< Depth 130mm)
Blind area(mm):5
Geometry Position Precision(%):Oriental 15
                                                       Portrait  10


Monitor Screen:10" SVGA black and white screen
Display Mode:B,B+B,4B,B+M,M
Gray Scale:256
Magnifications of picture:1.0,1.2,1.5,2.0
TGC Adjusting:8 segment
Cinema Replay:256 frames
Power off Storage:8 frames
USB:Large capability storage of images(Optional)
Clock:Time display


Electronical Focus:Free combination of 4 focus.
Frame Correlation:4 types in the mode of B,B+B
Image Rotation:Up/Down, Left/Right,White/Black
Measurement Application:Distance, Perimeter, Area, Ellipse,Volume,
Heart Rate,Pregnant Weeks,Fetus Weight,Estimated Date of Childbirth.


Character Note:Date,Patient No,Age,Sex,Focus Combination,Frame Correlation,full-screen editable note
Posture Indication:30
Birth Period package:cat, dog, sheep, cow, horse etc.