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Positionú║INDEX-PRODUCTS-Veterinary Ultrasound

  • Laptop Ultrasound Scanner for VET TY-6858B-1

The system can be used for examination and diagnosis of VET. 


Main Technical Index :
Probe connector: 1

LCD: 10.1 " High-Resolution TFT LCD

Gray scale: 256

Display mode: B, B / B, 4B, B / M, M

Main probe: 3.5 MHz electronic convex array (frequency conversion)



Probe frequency:2.5MHz -1.0MHz (Depend on the probe types)

Lateral resolution:í▄3mm(depthí▄80mm)


Longitudinal resolution:í▄2mm(depthí▄80mm)


Detectable depth:íŢ160mm

Blind area:í▄5mm



Geometrical position distortion:Lateralí▄15



Probe frequency conversion: (2.5-3.5-4.0-5.0MHZ) electronic convex array,

TGC adjustment: 3 TGC adjustments

Cine loop: 192 frames

Image processing: up/down, left/right, black/white



Pre-set:Time,hospital name,fetal weight formula,image format,pseudo-color select ,ect.

Terminal output: 2 USB Port, 1 mini2.0USB Port and 1 video output

Storage: Built-in memory,storage via USB disk,saved image can be recalled for re-analysis.(1024 permanent storage)

Battery:VALENX Li-ion battery



Standard configuration: one mainframe unit of B-ultrasound, one electronic convex array probe

Optional parts: 7.5MHz high-frequency linear array probe (superficial),7.5MHz rectal probe, Software Package:



Paking size: 37cmí┴ 27cmí┴ 6cm

Gross weight: 4.5kg