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Positionú║INDEX-PRODUCTS-B/W ultrasound system

  • USB Probe Ultrasound Scanner TY-6858B-2

Compatible with Windows XP,Win7,Win8,Win XP and Vista system.



Technical Specification:

Imaging Technology: Full digital beam forming, Digital Dynamic multi-stages focusing and Real time dynamic Aperture, 8 A/D Capture channel.
Scanning mode: Electronic convex array, linear array, micro-convex array
Abdomen probe frequency scope: 2.0/2.5/3.5/4.0/5.0MHz, multi-frequency, +Harmonic Imaging
Image gray scale: 256
Cine loop memory: Max. 511 frames, continues play, free setting on cine loop frames

Scanning Depth: íŢ240mm, real time depth 18-level adjustable
Resolution:  Lateralí▄2mmúČVerticalí▄1mmú╗
Geometric position accuracyú║Lateralí▄5%, Verticalí▄5%ú╗Blind Area: í▄3mm
Scanning Angle: convex probe 60íŃ-150íŃ, real-time adjustable
Amplification factor: 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0
Probe connector: USB type
Display mode: B, B+B, B+M, 4B

TGC: 8 steps TGC adjustment
Image adjustment: Brightness, Contrast, Pseudo color, Total Gain adjustment. Frame correlation adjustment, 4 Focus postion point adjustable, Dynamic range: 30dB-120dB adjustable
Pre-processing:             Cloud processing technology
                                      8-segment TGC
                                      Dynamic range
                                      M Soften
                                      Noise suppression
Post-processing:           Image enhancement
                                     Gray Map
                                     Colorize Map
                                      Tissue Specific Imaging   
                                      Left/right reverse
                                      Up/down reverse

Body Mark: 160 kinds
Pseudo color: 7 kinds
Measurement and calculation:
  B mode: distance, circumstance, area, volume, angle, ratio, stenosis, profile, histogram;
  M mode: heart rate, time, distance, slope and stenosis;
  Gynecology measurement: Uterus, cervix, endometrium, L/R ovary;
  Obstetric: gestation weeks (BPD, GS, CRL, FL, HL, OFD, TTD, AC), fetal weight, AFI; 

  Cardiology: LV, LV function, LVPW, RVAWT;
  Urology: transition zone volume, bladder volume, RUV,  prostate, kidney;
  Small parts: optic, thyroid, jaw and face.
Notation: Date, Time, Name, Patient ID, Age, Doctor, Hospital Name. Full screen annotation edit.
Arrow Mark function
Biopsy Guide function, Guideline and 4-level Angle adjustable
Software upgrade available
With built-in image workstation software, report printing support.
Power Inputú║5V, 500-900mAh
Operation interface: Chinese/English, switchable

Working system: Userí»s computer or tablet, Win XP, VISTA, WIN7, WIN8.

Optional probes: linear array ; micro-convex array probe

Standard configuration:
USB type 3.5MHz convex array probe  1 piece
Software disk                          1 piece