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  • Handheld veterinary ultrasound scanner TY-M50

TY-M50,featuring premium image quality and robust design, suited for all veterinary applications in difficult field conditions on a daily basis. No matter you scan dairy or beef cows to study the ovaries, uterus and fetal structures for reproductive exams, as well as equine reproduction and some other small ruminants reproductive examination, TY-M50 is the ideal choice!
Technical Specification:
Monitor: 5.8 inches TFT LCD
Display modes: B,B+B,B+M,M,4B
Display Depth: 190mm, multi-steps
Probe frequency: 2.5/3.5/5.0 MHz
Gray Scale:256
Report: Obstetric report
Image Process: Image smoothen, histogram, pseudo color
Image control: Brightness, Contrast ratio;
Obstetrics Measurement : GA for bovine,equine,swine,sheep,goat,cat,dog                  
(Pig-HL,Sheep/goat- USD,Bovine-BL,SL,HL,Dog-BD,GSD,HD,BD)
Image magnification in four levels: 1.0,1.2,1.5,2.0 times
Image magnification: 8 levels zoom in
Operating time: 6 hours of continuous operation
High speed USB socket: connect to PC & Printer, download image to PC
Net weight: 0.5kg
Image storage: 150
Dimension: 40mm X 250mm X 120mm
Packing size:49*36*14CM
Packing weight:5KG
Standard configuration:
TY-M50 machine
abdominal mechanical sector probe
Li-ion high-power-capacity battery  (6 hours/battery )
Battery charger (AC110V~250V,50/60Hz)
Neck strap and hand strap
Aluminum alloy carry case
User guide
Optional mechanical sector probe; 
Li-ion high-power-capacity battery ;
Car Charger;
Leather cover for protection and sit on the wrist